Aug 2014


A¬†few months ago I went on a “save money kick,” and even though it’s not been quite what I had hoped for, I’ve still learned stuff along the way.

The saving money part was to attempt to actually save money, as in — increase the savings account. Bills get paid first, often a month in advance but after that I’m a spender and spending I do. Instead of saving money in the sense of putting money aside, I instead learned how to save money when spending, so I can spend more. (I’m a work in progress!)

One of the things I did was learn to make my own laundry and dish soap. It’s actually rather therapeutic to make my own soap. I made another batch of laundry soap this evening. Maybe it’s because I’m spending less money on soaps, maybe it’s because it’s healthier for me, maybe it’s because it’s better for the environment — I don’t know. I do know that when I make soap, I feel good about myself.

Without further ado, I thought I’d share the recipes.

Dish Soap

Laundry Soap (I make the powdered version. I’m still trying to get my hands on a 5gallon bucket).

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