May 2014

Be Yourself

It kinda goes without saying that one should always be their self but sometimes we do forget who we are, even I. Today I had a couple things happen that was a pleasant reminder to just be myself and be happy.

I’m not the easiest person to handle. I’m extremely blunt and rather open about things that most would consider private. The filter that one has in their brain about what they say  — well, I have one but I operate it with dead batteries.

I have a relatively new friendship that is only a few months old. At first, I tried to be a ‘good girl’ and filter my conversations and such but then it just occurred to me that I had to be me. If I was to have a true friendship then that person needed to know who I truly was. I acknowledge that I’m a bit of a handful for him.  Some people just don’t know how to take me but he does quite well even if I do see the ‘err ummm’ expression on occasion. (It’s actually kinda cute, haha).

I went to dinner tonight and there were two guys at the table next to me. They were cutting up and I was enjoying the people watching and the slight giggles to myself from their conversation. Of course, the guys caught on that I was eavesdropping and giggling so one of the men chuckled at me and apologized for their conversation/jokes. I just smiled at them and told them that they were ‘mild.’ Ironically, I was at a Mexican restaurant and one of the men responded by asking, “what do you consider spicy?” It took me a couple of seconds but I was able to proudly respond, “Me!” We had a few extra chuckles about it but it was a very true statement.

Not only should one be him/her self, but one should also be proud of who he/she is.

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