Last night, I had 3 cyclists connect with me from for a place to stay.

20160227_100818 (2)

From left to right: Myself, Matt, Will, Alex

Matt and Will are traveling together. They started in Florida and are heading west to California. Alex is traveling solo and is doing the opposite route as the team.

I was planning to go out for the evening with one of my friends to the Casino. Cylists are sometimes tired and just ready for a shower and a bed while at the same time are looking for an adventure. All 3 joined at the casino. Truth be told, I think they were in it for the all you can eat breakfast buffet that started at midnight. It was still fun. We all played a little, drank a little and of course, stuffed our faces at the breakfast buffet. (Yeah, so totally not on the weight watchers plan — we will try again tomorrow).

The team had experienced some bike issues. We went to Lake Charles to visit a bike shop for repairs.

Capitol Cyclery of Lake Charles:  615 E Prien Lake Rd, Lake Charles, LA 70601; (337) 474-9090

If you go looking for them, watch out. There are 3 different business names. I asked the store clerk about it and he said one name was under a previous owner while another name was the new business name with the new owner and the other business name was their location in Lafayette. It confused us at first so we passed right by it thinking it was another shop, not the one we were looking for. However, I was able to turn down Common and then follow the driveways/alley(ish?) to come up behind the store without having to turn around on the highway.

20160227_100801(0) (2)

Be safe, gentlemen! Best wishes on not just this journey, but for all endeavors life may have for you.



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