This team of three came to my home for what was supposed to be their last night in Louisiana. They had an interesting trip in Louisiana due to illness and weather/rain/flooding.It almost couldn’t get over quick enough for them.

They arrived on Saturday to my house, HWY 190 (their route) was closed due to flooding. After reviewing maps and road closures, it seemed like they would have to cycle to Shreveport to get into Texas or rent a U-Haul to drive on I10 to Texas. They chose the U-Haul route and got themselves in the Houston-ish area.

The team stayed 2 nights to make arrangements for the U-Haul (that and U-Haul pick-up/drop-off on Sundays isn’t easy).

Great team. I hope their travels in Texas are better than Louisiana.

2016-03-13 21.47.04
Jason caught a gecko and had it chilling on his shirt for quite a while.

2016-03-14 12.16.23
The team says goodbye to Gus.

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