Tom and his wife Debbie contacted me last night from Warmshowers. Of course, I said yes! They are traveling West to San Diego. The interesting thing about this couple is that he is riding the bike. His wife is driving along side him in their van. He is 60 and she is 62 (63, next week!)

As we were out to eat, at Ceicl’s, I saw another cyclist walk in. I went and introduced myself. I let him know if he needed a place to stay tonight, he was welcomed at my house. He took me up on the offer and when he arrived, he said the most perfect thing: “For once in my life, I’m so thankful to have been profiled.” I totally deserved that and it was totally awesome! I really did profile him. I didn’t even see his bike at first. I just saw him and knew he was a cyclist. It was great! (His name was Tom, too!)

Tom and Debbie left before I woke up, so we were unable to say goodbye. 🙁 They did get me some very gorgeous flowers!


We did get to see the solo Tom off the next morning. His story is pretty interesting as he is volunteering for the Special Olympics along his journey. Pretty cool that he is riding for a cause. He also has his own business back in Ohio – Tom Foolery Outdoors.

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2016-03-22 09.40.28

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