Harum is traveling west to east on the Southern Tier. She actually has some friends in the New Orleans area and may end her trip there. She’s undecided at the moment, but regardless of what she chooses to do, I know it’ll be the best experience for her, especially since she will have some time to spend in New Orleans. That in and of itself is a great experience, too much to see and do even if you planned a week-long vacation there!

She was born in the US but grew up in Indonesia much of her life until returning to the US for education in journalism. Harum is certainly a free-spirited young woman. I wish her well in life!

Often times I do host cyclists who are vegetarian or vegan. Many times, those cyclists have to alter their dietary preferences during this trip. In many rural towns, it’s hard to find good quality vegan foods. Some manage to live on a diet of tortillas and peanut butter and remain strict, but most end up adding eggs, fish, and milk to their diet just to be able to consume the calories needed. (Did you know that touring cyclists can burn 8000-15000 calories a day, depending on their ride style?!)

Harum is one of those cyclists! Due to the several I’ve hosted with this dietary preference, I’ve learned how to reasonably accommodate. One of those ways is to go to Los Mayos Mexican Restaurant located just off HWY 171. Harum and I enjoyed fajitas. I’ve never personally ordered it, but Los Mayos has Vegetable Fajitas – remove the cheese and the sour cream and it’s instant vegan! I’ve heard great things about the veggie fajitas from other vegetarian/vegan folks. Personally, I like beef, so I had to go with the steak fajitas. Such a treat!

Whenever possible, I like to get pictures of my guests when they are all suited up and ready to ride out. Harum was no exception. Usually, I try to get a picture of them with their bike as well as a selfie. However, Herum gave me a new term today: a “We-fie”

Behold! The We-fie!

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