I’ve been on CouchSurfing.com for a while now. I’ve only successfully hosted 2 surfers, both of which are cyclist.

Florent AKA Flo is a French medical student. He took a year off from school to tour the United State by bicycle in a counter clockwise motion.

It’s very interesting hosting people through hospitality sharing. I get to hear of the stories and share interesting language differences. For my previous couch surfer, it was differences around the US. For Flo, the differences in English/French. He laughed a lot at the English/French translations on our packaging. “What is this? No one would ever say that in France. Such poor translations!”

Flo made a comment about still getting used to getting in on the passenger side as they drive on the right side of the road in France. In one of our trips to the grocery store, I let him drive. It was nerve wracking for me because I’m a driver, not a rider (just ask any of my friends). It was rather humorous, though, as I have an automatic and in France, they all drive manual. He kept looking for the third pedal and wanting to shift with my emergency brake. I had to also quickly explain the “letters” on the gear shift. “D” means “Drive.”


Flo took a picture of Gus and I near his bike.


Flo took a picture with Gus by his bike before departure.


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