This weekend, I hosted a couple of female pair cyclists via

First, I had Margo and Monique from the Netherlands on Thursday. We checked out the Thursday nights “Downtown at Sundown” event in DeRidder. While they both speak English very well (used commonly in their home country), they didn’t know what a “festival” was. I had to explain it as a community celebration/party. The fire department cooked free hamburgers for all those in attendance and the ladies got to talk to them. We felt it was appropriate that the men who are experienced with fires were manning the grill. Several people from the city stopped by to talk an ask the ladies about the journey.

Left: Marga, Center: Monique, Right: Mandie

Friday night, Jen and Harmony, from California, joined me. They had on their list to attend a high school football game. This weekend just so happened to be the DeRidder/Leesville game, a rivalry game. None of us really had a clue about football, but the people watching was great fun. However, we left after the half-time show. No idea what the final results of the game were.

Left: Jen, Center: Harmony, Right: Mandie

Beauregard and surround areas may consist of small towns and villages, but there’s so much to discover. Each of the pairs got to experience new things and meet the locals. Both pairs stopped by at the new coffee shop, Downtown Grounds before coming to my house, and both pairs raved just how absolutely wonderful the owner was and the rich history they learned, just over a cup of joe.


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