May 2014

Be Yourself

It kinda goes without saying that one should always be their self but sometimes we do forget who we are, even I. Today I had a couple things happen that was a pleasant reminder to just be myself and be happy. I’m not the easiest person to handle. I’m extremely blunt and rather open about things […]


Feb 2014

The De-Clutter

I started going through each room one by one. I even broke it down to each section. For my spare bedroom (okay, junk room) I started with a corner on the floor or a box here and then proceeding to the box there. For my kitchen, I started by looking at just one cabinet, not […]


Jun 2013

Brag baby, BRAG!

I came across an article on LifeHacker.com today: “How to Highlight Your Accomplishments (Without Sounding Like a Jerk)” This is something I’ve personally struggled with. I am the type that thinks that my work should speak for itself and I should be recognized based on my work. However, my mentality on that has slowly changed and […]