I was supposed to meet with a hiker from the Louisiana Hiker’s Club at Chicot State Park yesterday. However, due to a turn of events and several things in my schedule changing, I had to cancel. However, I took the opportunity to go today just to explore. I wasn’t able to do any real hiking […]


Feb 2016

Allen Acres B&B

[slideshow_deploy id=’154′] Gus and I went on quite possibly the most interesting hike ever. It was about 2 miles total per Google Fit. It was a very easy stroll. The trail wasn’t all that worn, so there were a few places I had to stop, close my eyes, and look around for the trail. This […]

I discovered the Wild Azalea Trail not far from Alexandria, Louisiana. This picture of the sky through the trees does no justice. It was absolutely beautiful. Near the start of the trail, there was this really cool looking firetower. I’ll admit, when I saw it on the return hike to my car, it was the […]


Aug 2014


A few months ago I went on a “save money kick,” and even though it’s not been quite what I had hoped for, I’ve still learned stuff along the way. The saving money part was to attempt to actually save money, as in — increase the savings account. Bills get paid first, often a month in […]


May 2014

Be Yourself

It kinda goes without saying that one should always be their self but sometimes we do forget who we are, even I. Today I had a couple things happen that was a pleasant reminder to just be myself and be happy. I’m not the easiest person to handle. I’m extremely blunt and rather open about things […]