Due to the rudeness I had experienced at Campfest regarding Gus, I had already decided that Sunday I would not stay with the group. I had planned to go do some random hiking with Gus on the other side of the lake. The group that I met at Campfest are into Geocaching. Nancy explained a few things during camp so I wanted to see if I could check that out too.

Nancy and her group were going to do some Geocaching and invited me along. She gave me the quick and dirty for Geocaching and we went and found 3 caches together. The first was located in a hole in the back of a tree. I was really kinda scared to stick my hand into the hole, even after poking it with a stick and determining that it should have been safe. Finally, I took the plunge and stuck my hand in.


Inside the cache, I found a small paper log, Chuck-E-Cheese sticker, and a “glow” bracelet. For this cache, I left the swag as it was and signed the log for Nancy (roadmedic) and I.

From there, we had to leave the trail. We walked about .3 miles off the trail, through the woods and muck of the lake. We found another cache on a road in an oak tree. Inside it was just a log, no swag.


We signed the log, put it back and took a group selfie to document the find.

The third cache we located was by far the coolest. It was a letter box. Inside of it was a bear stamp. We used the stamp to mark the log box and sign/date the log. The swag was pretty awesome — a viral of the zombie virus! I took this swag and replaced it with my own. I had a brand new little flashlight (no batteries), which I left for the next cacher.

2016-03-06 11.40.06

I think I’m hooked on Geocaching! I can’t wait to find the ones located in DeRidder for my lunch breaks or something. I can’t wait to travel somewhere and find a few Geocaches. I’m looking forward to finding many more. After all, there are more than 2 million hidden around the world, so that’s plenty for me to find!

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