I turned a doctor’s appointment into a mini-geovacation.

Here’s what I found:

Mangum Manor Memories – Tennis Court
This was the first easy grab Gus and I picked up in Houston. The cool thing was the cache itself. It was a “bolt.” You unscrew the head and inside the stem was hallowed out with a rolled up log. Totally needed tweezers to remove the log, but I managed to grab it with a bent paperclip.


From Mangum Manor, we headed on over to some other park which was a multi/puzzle cache. However, the muggles kept coming up to me and Gus was getting impatient, thus I got impatient and left.

We did search for other easy caches and found Scout’s Pipe Dream. This cache was set up at the Scout House of the local Boy Scout Troop.

2016-03-20 15.37.41

This cache was pretty loaded in a lock n lock container. At the time I found this, it was the largest cache I’ve found with the exception of a letterbox.

2016-03-20 15.31.32

Here, I found my first trackable!! Isn’t she a beauty??

2016-03-20 15.35.30

She’s from Canada with the goal to travel all provinces in Canada. After reviewing the log, it looks like someone went to Hawaii and dropped her off there. Then, the next day someone else picked her up and dropped her off in Houston about a week later.

My plan is to drop her off in DeRidder to allow someone else to pick her up, but if it’s still in DeRidder area by the time I go to visit a friend, I’ll actually take it to Canada. (Another reason to get that passport!)

The third and final cache find for Sunday was Sarah’s Hide. Sarah is a 6 year old girl who loves finding caches with toys. She wanted to hide her own and I tell ya, she picked a pretty cool spot! The container was a camo’d medicine bottle but it was packed tight!

2016-03-20 16.11.19

2016-03-20 16.14.08

This cache was almost like a two-for-one deal. The little rubber ball in the cache bounced away as I was emptying the cache/obtaining the log. It bounced across the shopping center’s parking lot and landed in the grass of the sideline and took a little bit of searching to get. Let’s just say, I took that little ball. 1. I couldn’t figure out how to get it AND Woody back in the cache. 2. It was a matter of pride since I had to chase/hunt/locate the damn thing. 🙂

From here, Gus and I decided to head back to the hotel. In the hotel’s parking lot, we hit the best cache of the day.

2016-03-21 23.19.15

Originally, I had planned to wake up early and pick up a cache or two before heading to my appointment. However, after sleeping in, that didn’t happen quite as planned. That said, Gus and I still hit up 2 more caches after the appointment before heading home.

Kids Cache was most certainly the jackpot for children. It was also the largest cache I’ve ever found.

Check out all these toys and swag in the cache:

2016-03-21 10.29.07

The picture just doesn’t do it justice. I pulled out 4 handfuls of toys/swag. I’m not even convinced I actually got everything out of the cache. I found my very first pathtag (6857170) in this cache. I took the guardian wings/charm and left a Despicable Me ball and a few stickers.

The last cache of the day was Shell Game. This was a micro hidden in plain sight on the backside of a gas station/auto shop/car wash, but the name… you guessed it — SHELL. It was also a micro cache shoved into a shell and tied to a tree.

2016-03-21 10.57.37

Do you see the cache behind me? No? Okay, how about now:

2016-03-21 10.57.18

I wanted to stop around Merryville to collect a couple of caches there, but due to poor planning and the extreme desire to just get home, I was unable to grab anymore caches.

Until next time!!!

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