I was really excited about my geocaching from Houston that I was telling a friend all about it. We planned a geocaching trip around town. I had a blast geocaching with a friend. It was great!

Joint Finds:
IMG_1291 - Copy

This cache is located in a wooded area off of HWY 190. The GPS took us right to it. We found a peanut butter type jar which contained a log (which was inappropriate) and a couple of odds and in’s. I actually went back to this cache today to replace the log. I dropped my travel bug here. If it’s still here when I go to Michigan, I’ll take it to Michigan to get it closer to Canada. If I get my passport, I’ll be able to actually take it to Canada.

Next, we found:
Muscadine Letterbox
IMG_1292 - Copy

This one, Matthew, my friend, left me behind — big meanie! I was wearing slip-on tennis shoes with a low-profile heel (my bad!). I was unable to jump the creek’s ridge without assistance. By the time I made it to that point, he was long gone! Matthew tracked the cache and said that the GPS coordinates were off. He ended up hiking well past the cache. I’m unsure if GPS was sketchy due to tree/cloud cover or if the coordinates were off. The log was soggy and the ink pads were missing. This cache is in some serious need of maintence.

Penny’s Kache was a pretty easy find. I had to lift while Matthew grabbed the cache. This was a simple sign the log and move one. We left a little trinket in the cache.

I went back out today and found 2 caches solo in DeRidder:
Seven Zero Six Three Four
This was a REAL easy quick grab. It was right along side of the road. The cache was extremely water-logged. I was unable to sign the log, but I took a picture to prove I was there!


Nobody is Here ? was another quick and easy grab. GPS went straight to it and I was able to find the cache almost instantly. Truth be told, my experience with the Ice House #2 cache helped me here a lot.

5 more notches in my belt the past 2 days. Wheeeeee!

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