It took me 4 different attempts to find the cache. After my 3rd attempt, I posted on the log to see if someone could verify if it was still in it’s location. It was listed as an easy find, so I felt that I could reasonably find it, even being a newbie after looking multiple times spending 15-20 minutes searching each time.

The cache owner did confirm it was missing and had replaced it with a new cache of similar size. I found it in a puddle slightly buried in the grass. Being that it was magnetized, and previous comments noted that it looked like it was a part of the building, I moved it to where I thought it might have been before falling. To be honest, I wonder if I might have found the original? The logs in the cache were not new. 1 sheet was full, while the second sheet was almost full. I messaged the cache owner to let him know where I had moved the cache to, since I didn’t think it belonged in the mud puddle for which I found it.


I tried to find the “Let’s go play soccor” cache, but I was running out of daylight (quickly, I might add) and the soccer field was technically closed, I assume due to flooding. I didn’t particularly want to be stomping around in the flooded soccer field/wooded tree line where it’s located at that time. I plan to go back out there this weekend, if it’s somewhat dry, but it may be sometime next week. I do know where the cache is at. I know where to enter the treeline at. I was within 3 feet off it but I just couldn’t see with the light fading.

I also found a few other caches that I’ve researched/took notes on that I hope to go explore this weekend. I think I want to try the ones near Merryville. There was one where a few people mentioned getting stuck/having to be towed out. So, I’ll make sure I bring a board for traction and a shovel for any digging ’cause I certainly can’t afford a tow truck. If I have to, I’ll park the car and walk a little ways rather than risk getting stuck. I’m good with that. Exercise is good for you!

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