Feb 2016

Allen Acres B&B

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Gus and I went on quite possibly the most interesting hike ever. It was about 2 miles total per Google Fit. It was a very easy stroll. The trail wasn’t all that worn, so there were a few places I had to stop, close my eyes, and look around for the trail. This was especially true after reaching the river and trying to find the trail back up.

Charles, the owner, was quite nice to talk to and welcomed Gus and I on his property. There’s a BNB on the property as well as butterfly gardens to attract beautiful butterflies and hummingbirds. Due to the time of year, there weren’t any butterflies but I do plan to go back! Charles also teaches a plant identification/edible plants course on the property and hosts many events for tourist, travelers, outdoor enthusiasts and the like.

The coolest part of our hike was all of the interesting decorations/sections of the property. There was a CD tree, a hurricane warning system, hubcab circle, toy down story, gaudie lane, etc. The bikes, one located in the tree and the other on the fence were “rescues” — these bikes belonged to Mr. Charles’ son and were recovered during Katrina.


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